IMAX, Extraordinary Feelings

IMAX has four product experience offerings that they want more people to discover. The brief was to develop a brand design system to distinguish new IMAX products and experiences as unique offerings under the IMAX umbrella. The deliverables should include logos, idents and a new landing page.

By visualizing the emotions that will be experienced with IMAX technique, we want to engage with people – rather than just discussing what IMAX is (the technology itself).

We aim to communicate that IMAX’s unique technology (the four categories) leads to feelings beyond the ordinary – resulting in extraordinary feelings.

The four product experience offerings have been given their individual identities, symbolizing the feeling you experience when engaging with each respective product. For example, the feeling of energy, pulse, and volume are visualized in the 'Live' category through typography, color, shape, and sound.


Maja Janson, Amelie Borg, Christine Högström & Anyela Mohlin
IMAX Brief, D&AD New Blood Competition, Spring 2024