Maja Janson

Electrolux Group, Connecting the Dots

Create awareness to the public about Electrolux Group’s sustainability work and their sustainability report.

Research & findings
There is one thing that stands out in the Elextrolux Group 2022 Sustainability Report. In the roadmap to be climate neutral and drive clean and resource-efficient operation by 2030, one important process is off track. There is one ”red dot”.

A global collaboration on a Group level in the home appliance industry turning competitors into partners. Spanning over a set timeframe all stakeholders share their individual expertise, technology and patents not only to solve their indivudual problems together but to work towards one common goal.

Maja Janson (Art Direction & Design), Andreas Croneby (Strategy), Clara Andersson (Growth Marketing), Elin Svensson (Project lead), Johanna Jovlunden (Copy), Linda Kulesa (PR), Richard Caspar (Digital Design Strategy)  
Pitch for Electrolux Group, Berghs School of Communication, Fall 2023